– Football Clash: All Stars!

Your favourite 5-a-side game is being re-named Football Clash:
All Stars and will have a brand new user interface.


– Tournaments!

A new feature that allows Clubs to compete in tournaments to win prizes, show off their talent on the pitch and challenge to be the last team standing.


– 3D Shooting & Goalkeeping Experience!

Immerse yourself in the action with a new 3D dynamic shooting and goalkeeping experience. Curl shots into the top corner or go for pure power!


– Matchday Improvements!

  • You cannot score inside the penalty area.
  • All shots must be outside the box.
  • Only one ability per player.
  • Instant goal replays.
  • At the start of the match the ball randomly enters the Arena.
  • Challenges resolved quicker.
  • Ball can bounce free after a challenge.
  • Add curl to shooting and passing.
  • Keeper can do swipe passes: through balls.
  • Keeper starts with the ball after a goal has been scored.

– Four New Cards!

  • New Good Card: Bobby – a Forward.
  • New Superb Card: The Bull – a Keeper.
  • New Superb Card: Titan – a Defender.
  • New Superb Card: O Gato – a Keeper.


– Change in Player Levels!

  • Flying Pharaoh: Good –> Superb
  • Kannonball: Superb –> Elite
  • Danish Dynamo: Good –> Superb
  • Cat: Elite –> Superb
  • Petr the Great: Superb –> Good
  • El Jefecito: Superb –> Good
  • Ibracadabra: Superb –> Good


– Four New Cards!

We have shuffled the Player Cards to give a better spread of Special Abilities throughout the Arenas.


– Legacy Cards!

  • Pitbull and El Condor are to become Legacy cards.
  • Legacy cards will be discontinued after 30 days.


– 3 New Abilities!

  • Super Reflexes: goalkeeper can cover all areas of the goal.
  • Through Ball: swipe passes are more accurate.
  • Movement: when you drag a player off the ball they will.
  • Receive speed boost.


– Friends!

  • A function to Add/Remove Friends.
  • You can now Challenge your friends who aren’t in your League to a friendly.