• [EVENT] 19 May: Milestone! Let's build our community together

    Even Milestone
    Start Date: May 19, 2018

    Get a chance to be rewarded through your love for the game

    Hi Managers!
    Now we get the chance to make our community even bigger!
    it's so simple, just follow Football Clash: All Stars and GameLevelOne official account, Hit the number of followers and get the prizes!
    The prizes will continue to increase and will be contributed to all players!
    Hit the follow button and invite all your friends to join this event!


    Hi Manajer!
    Kali ini Football Clash: All Stars mengadakan [EVENT] Milestone
    Ayo tunjukan semangat kalian bermain Football Clash: All Stars dan dapatkan hadiah-hadiah menarik untuk semua pemain!
    Caranya cukup follow akun official Football Clash: All Stars dan GameLevelOne di instagram hingga mencapai target tertentu untuk mendapatkan masing-masing hadiahnya!
    Hadiah akan terus meningkat seiring tumbuhnya komunitas ini
    Mudah bukan ? Jadi buruan follow dan dapatkan hadiahnya ^^



  • [EVENT] 18 May: Ramadhan Cup - Make Ramadhan the month of victory

    Start date: 18th May
    End date: 14th June

    Hi Managers!

    The month of Ramadhan has finally arrived, we are blessed to get another chance to rebuild ourselves.
    And Football Clash: All Stars can't be happier to give you the same chance to rebuild your team and announce the new feature "Tournament"!
    For this month we celebrate Ramadhan by arranging new [EVENT] Ramadhan Cup. To make it even more festive. we also prepare amazing prizes for those who win on [EVENT] Ramadhan Cup!
    So go get your team ready and collect the limited prizes!



    Hi Manajer!

    Bulan Ramadhan akhirnya tiba juga di mana kita mendapatkan kesempatan lagi untuk memperbaiki diri kita.
    Dan Football Clash: All Stars berbahagia karena dapat memberikan kesempatan yang sama untuk memperbaiki tim andalan kamu!
    Untuk Ramadhan kali ini, Football Clash: All Stars ingin merayakannya bersama-sama Manajer dengan membuat [EVENT] Ramadhan Cup!
    [EVENT] Ramadhan Cup juga dilengkapi dengan hadiah-hadiah khusus hanya ada untuk event kali ini!
    Tunggu apa lagi? Persiapkan tim-mu sekarang dan menangkan hadiah-hadiah terbatasnya!


  • [EVENT] 16-28 May: PLAY to WIN - Play per game to win total 5000 credit!! [EN]
    Football Clash: All Stars X GameLevelOne

    Happy News for all Managers who want free CREDITS!

    For this special month, Football Clash: All Stars and GameLevelOne have collaborated to make "Play to Win" event for all!

    To participate in this event is so simple, you just have to play 3 games of GameLevelOne
    [Pemburu Hantu, Doki-Doki Rescue, and EmojiCare]
    For each game you play, you will automatically win 1500 CREDITS!!! AND if you play all 3 games,
    you will get extra 500 CREDITS! TOTAL 5000 CREDITS!


    How to participate:
    - Download and Play GameLevelOne games [Pemburu Hantu, Doki-Doki Rescue, and EmojiCare]
    - [Pemburu Hantu] Complete the tutorial and reach minimal level 5
    - [Doki-Doki Rescue] Reach score 500
    - [Emoji Care] Complete at least 5 expressions


    How to redeem your reward:
    - Make sure you meet the requirements above
    - Capture every game you've played
    - Post on your Instagram account and tag @gamelevelone & @footballclashsea OR
    - You can submit via email at support@soccermanagerarena.asia
    - Rewards will be sent at least one week after the event is over
    We hope you can have fun while trying new games and keep playing Football Clash: All Stars!


    *This event will be from Wednesday, May 16th through Monday, May 28th 2018
    *This event currently applies only for Android User


  • [EVENT] 16-28 May: PLAY to WIN - Menangkan total 5000 KREDIT!! [ID]

    Football Clash: All Stars X GameLevelOne

    Halo Manajer, di bulan Suci Ramadhan 1439 H Football Clash: All Stars dan GameLevelOne akan membagikan KREDIT GRATIS untuk semua Manajer! dengan total hadiah 5000 KREDIT!
    Manajer cukup memainkan 3 game dari GameLevelOne [Pemburu Hantu, Doki-Doki Rescue, dan EmojiCare], untuk setiap game yang dimainkan otomatis memenenangkan 1500 KREDIT!!! DAN jika Manajer memainkan ketiga game tersebut Manajer akan mendapatkan ekstra 500 KREDIT! TOTAL 5000 KREDIT!


    Cara berpartisipasi:
    - Download dan mainkan game dari GameLevelOne [Pemburu Hantu, Doki-Doki Rescue, Emoji Care]
    - [Pemburu Hantu] Selesaikan tutorial dan raih minimal level 5
    - [Doki-Doki Rescue] Raih skor minimal 500
    - [Emoji Care] Koleksi minimal 5 ekspresi emoji


    Cara menukarkan hadiah:
    - Pastikan kamu sudah memenuhi ketentuan di atas
    - Capture/Screenshot game [Pemburu Hantu, Doki-Doki Rescue, and EmojiCare] yang kamu mainkan
    - Post/Unggah ke instagram jangan lupa tag dan mention @gamelevelone & @footballclashsea agar kami bisa melihatmu 🙂 ATAU
    - Kamu bisa mengirimkan capture/screenshot via email ke support@soccermanagerarena.asia
    - Hadiah akan dikirimkan seminggu setelah event PLAY to WIN berakhir


    Gampang kan? Ayo download game-nya sekarang dan jangan lewatkan kesempatan kali ini!
    Selamat mencoba game-game terbaru dari GameLevelOne dan terus mainkan Football Clash: All Stars!


    * Event berlangsung dari Rabu, 16 Mei 2018 sampai 28 Mei 2018
    * Event ini hanya berlaku untuk pengguna Android

  • [EVENT] Manager of the Month (Every 25th of the Month)

    [EVENT] Manager of the Month

    Hi Managers! The EVENT that you've been waiting for has finally arrived!

    Earn victories across the globe to win trophies and progress through the game and hit the Leader Board!

    We encourage you to reach the peak of the victory and become the ultimate All Stars Champion!

    Football Clash: All Stars will pick Top 10 Managers out of Leader Board every 25th of the month
    to be the winner and top 3 players will get a Legacy Card


    Here's what you get for being a winner:
    1st place: 500.000 Cash + Legacy Card
    2nd place: 250.000 Cash + Legacy Card
    3rd place: 100.000 Cash + Legacy Card
    4th place: 75.000 Cash
    5th place: 75.000 Cash
    6th place: 50.000 Cash
    7th place: 50.000 Cash
    8th place: 25.000 Cash
    9th place: 25.000 Cash
    10th place: 25.000 Cash


    Hai Manajer!
    Event yang sudah ditunggu-tunggu akhirnya tiba juga nih!
    Untuk mengapresiasi kerja keras Manajer dalam meraih papan ranking, Football Clash: All Stars mengadakan event Manajer of the Month!
    Tim Football Clash: All Stars akan memilih TOP 10 dari papan ranking sebagai pemenangnya dan akan diumumkan melalui akun official Football Clash: All Stars di Instagram
    Biar makin semangat, TOP 3 akan mendapatkan hadiah tambahan yaitu, Legacy Card!
    Gimana? semakin semangat kan meraih TOP 10?!


    Berikut daftar hadiahnya:
    1st place: 500.000 Cash + Legacy Card
    2nd place: 250.000 Cash + Legacy Card
    3rd place: 100.000 Cash + Legacy Card
    4th place: 75.000 Cash
    5th place: 75.000 Cash
    6th place: 50.000 Cash
    7th place: 50.000 Cash
    8th place: 25.000 Cash
    9th place: 25.000 Cash
    10th place: 25.000 Cash

  • [INFO] Kaskus Thread

    Hi Managers!

    Now we have new forum thread on Kaskus!

    Every update, bug solution, tips and trick will be posted on it, feel free to contribute!

    Go visit and build our community together! click link below

    Kaskus Thread

    Hai Manajer!

    Kabar baik, sekarang Football Clash: All Stars sudah ada forum thread di Kaskus lho!

    Setiap informasi, update, bug solution, tips & tricks akan di posting di thread tersebut, dan kalian juga bisa ikut menyumbangkan ide dan berdiskusi bersama! langsung klik link di bawah ya

    Kaskus Thread

  • [INFO] GameLevelOne

    Hello Manager!

    For you who crave for new games please visit our official website on gamelevelone.com


– Football Clash: All Stars!

Your favourite 5-a-side game is being re-named Football Clash:
All Stars and will have a brand new user interface.


– Tournaments!

A new feature that allows Clubs to compete in tournaments to win prizes, show off their talent on the pitch and challenge to be the last team standing.


– 3D Shooting & Goalkeeping Experience!

Immerse yourself in the action with a new 3D dynamic shooting and goalkeeping experience. Curl shots into the top corner or go for pure power!


– Matchday Improvements!

  • You cannot score inside the penalty area.
  • All shots must be outside the box.
  • Only one ability per player.
  • Instant goal replays.
  • At the start of the match the ball randomly enters the Arena.
  • Challenges resolved quicker.
  • Ball can bounce free after a challenge.
  • Add curl to shooting and passing.
  • Keeper can do swipe passes: through balls.
  • Keeper starts with the ball after a goal has been scored.

– Four New Cards!

  • New Good Card: Bobby – a Forward.
  • New Superb Card: The Bull – a Keeper.
  • New Superb Card: Titan – a Defender.
  • New Superb Card: O Gato – a Keeper.


– Change in Player Levels!

  • Flying Pharaoh: Good –> Superb
  • Kannonball: Superb –> Elite
  • Danish Dynamo: Good –> Superb
  • Cat: Elite –> Superb
  • Petr the Great: Superb –> Good
  • El Jefecito: Superb –> Good
  • Ibracadabra: Superb –> Good


– Four New Cards!

We have shuffled the Player Cards to give a better spread of Special Abilities throughout the Arenas.


– Legacy Cards!

  • Pitbull and El Condor are to become Legacy cards.
  • Legacy cards will be discontinued after 30 days.


– 3 New Abilities!

  • Super Reflexes: goalkeeper can cover all areas of the goal.
  • Through Ball: swipe passes are more accurate.
  • Movement: when you drag a player off the ball they will.
  • Receive speed boost.


– Friends!

  • A function to Add/Remove Friends.
  • You can now Challenge your friends who aren’t in your League to a friendly.