• Football Clash: All Stars Farewell Party

    Football Clash: All Stars farewell party

    What's a farewell party without a gift, right?


    Let's make it count, Managers, it's a party!

    To make it more fun, we will give you hundreds, oh wait... THOUSANDS, yes.... 50.000 FREE CREDITS to be precised


    How to submit your ID:

    • DM/Comment your in-game ID via instagram @footballclashsea
    • Send us in-game tickets
    • Email your id to support@soccermanagerarena.asia



    Now take your rewards for being the most loyal Managers ever!


    Until next time Managers!

    - Football Clash: All Stars SEA Team




    Greetings New Managers!


    This month we're celebrating the new comers to Football Clash: All Stars with special event
    that will reward newly-created teams with a starter-dose of credits!!! Keep reading to find out all the details.


    - From: September 1, 2018
    - To: October 31, 2018



    - New accounts created between September 1 and October 31, 2018



    - Download Football Clash: All Stars on Play Store or App Store
    - Submit your id by DM-ing Football Clash: All Stars instagram account
    *psst! you might wanna follow our instagram to get another bonus cause there's a lot of event going on at there
    - Football Clash: All Stars team will send your prize right away



    One stack of CREDITS worth 10$ / 150,000 IDR


    And we would like to Thank you as always for your continued support and enthusiasm for Football Clash: All Stars!
    Happy Playing!




    EVENT Periode: 6 September - 6 October


    What if i told you there's another way to get an extra exp?


    Have had a plan to beat your rival? Or maybe, you aim to be the Top 3 Manager of the Month?
    Lucky you! This September you can exchange your un-used card to fill another on this special [EVENT] - EXP TRANSFER SEPTEMBER!
    This event surely helps you to achieve every goal you've had!


    How it works:
    Each level and tier of a card has its own worth, here's the table:


    How to submit:
    1. Add Football Clash: All Stars Line official account 👉 (click here) 👈
    2. Capture your designate card you wish to receive the exp to
    3. Make a list of cards you wish to transfer the exp from
    4. Submit it to Football Clash: All Stars Line official account to get it processed right away




    so take this advantageas next month you can trade your un-used card to the card that you want!
    forward this event to [EVENT] CARD TRADE OCTOBER !

  • [EVENT] 25 September: Trading Card Event OCTOBER
    [EVENT] Trading Card Event
    Event Period: 25 September- 25 October
    After one-month exp farming, now it's time to aim your DREAM CARD!
    Trade 3 level 5 cards into any card that you want from the upper tier. Bring your unused cards during the period of this event and you’ll be able to exchange it for a higher quality card.
    The more you trade, the better your team will be!


    Here’s what you get in Trading Card Event:

    Trade 3 Level 5 Good Cards           ------->   1 Superb Card
    Trade 3 Level 4 Superb Cards        ------->   1 Elite Card
    Trade 3 Level 3 Elite Cards            ------->   1 Legend Card
    Trade 3 Level 2 Legend Cards       ------->   1 Legacy Card


    How to submit:
    1. Add Football Clash: All Stars Line official account [link]
    2. Select one card that you wish to have
    3. Make a list of 3 cards you wish to trade
    4. Submit it to Football Clash: All Stars Line official account to get it processed right away

  • [EVENT] Manager of the Month (Every 25th of the Month)

    [EVENT] Manager of the Month

    Hi Managers! The EVENT that you've been waiting for has finally arrived!

    Earn victories across the globe to win trophies and progress through the game and hit the Leader Board!

    We encourage you to reach the peak of the victory and become the ultimate All Stars Champion!

    Football Clash: All Stars will pick Top 10 Managers out of Leader Board every 25th of the month

    Here's what you get for being a winner:
    1st place: 500.000 Cash
    2nd place: 250.000 Cash
    3rd place: 100.000 Cash
    4th place: 75.000 Cash
    5th place: 75.000 Cash
    6th place: 50.000 Cash
    7th place: 50.000 Cash
    8th place: 25.000 Cash
    9th place: 25.000 Cash
    10th place: 25.000 Cash


    Hai Manajer!
    Event yang sudah ditunggu-tunggu akhirnya tiba juga nih!
    Untuk mengapresiasi kerja keras Manajer dalam meraih papan ranking, Football Clash: All Stars mengadakan event Manajer of the Month!
    Tim Football Clash: All Stars akan memilih TOP 10 dari papan ranking sebagai pemenangnya dan akan diumumkan melalui akun official Football Clash: All Stars di Instagram
    Biar makin semangat, TOP 3 akan mendapatkan hadiah tambahan yaitu, Legacy Card!
    Gimana? semakin semangat kan meraih TOP 10?!


    Berikut daftar hadiahnya:
    1st place: 500.000 Cash
    2nd place: 250.000 Cash
    3rd place: 100.000 Cash
    4th place: 75.000 Cash
    5th place: 75.000 Cash
    6th place: 50.000 Cash
    7th place: 50.000 Cash
    8th place: 25.000 Cash
    9th place: 25.000 Cash
    10th place: 25.000 Cash


     It is with a heavy heart to announce that we will be closing Football Clash: All Stars services on the 28th of October 2018.

    There are not enough words to express our gratitude for your support for Football Clash: All Stars. We hope that this will not mark the end of our friendship but will be the start of another journey.

    The detail schedule of the closing is below:

    28 August 2018, 10:00 GMT +8

    This past year has raced by so fast, and we are sad to say goodbye to a game that brought a lot of energy, excitement, and youth to GameLevelOne

    Football Clash: All Stars Team feels privileged to have been given the opportunity to service this incredibly dynamic game, and will greatly miss matching alongside the energetic community.

    We would like to thank for your kind affection and we sincerely apologize for the service closure on such short notice,

    We are going to prepare better and various games soon.

    Please continue to enjoy “Football Clash: All Stars” over the remaining time until service closure.

    We would like to thank all the players who have played Football Clash: All Stars.


    - Football Clash: All Stars Team



    Hi Managers!

    Pertama-tama, terima kasih kami ucapkan untuk selama ini telah bermain game Football Clash: All Stars SEA.

    Tim Football Clash: All Stars sangat menghargai para Manajer yang telah memainkan game ini sejak peluncurannya.

    Namun begitu, kami segenap tim Football Clash: All Stars SEA dengan sangat berat hati ingin menginformasikan bahwa pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2018 merupakan akhir layanan game Football Clash: All Stars SEA.

    Selama servis permainan ini berjalan kami sangat senang, menghargai, serta berterima kasih kepada para Manager.

    Jadwal penutupan layanan:

    28 Agustus 2018, 10:00 GMT +8

    Terima kasih banyak telah bermain Football Clash: All Stars SEA, semoga dapat bertemu di lain kesempatan lagi

  • [INFO] Kaskus Thread

    Hi Managers!

    Now we have new forum thread on Kaskus!

    Every update, bug solution, tips and trick will be posted on it, feel free to contribute!

    Go visit and build our community together! click link below

    Kaskus Thread

    Hai Manajer!

    Kabar baik, sekarang Football Clash: All Stars sudah ada forum thread di Kaskus lho!

    Setiap informasi, update, bug solution, tips & tricks akan di posting di thread tersebut, dan kalian juga bisa ikut menyumbangkan ide dan berdiskusi bersama! langsung klik link di bawah ya

    Kaskus Thread


– Football Clash: All Stars!

Your favourite 5-a-side game is being re-named Football Clash:
All Stars and will have a brand new user interface.


– Tournaments!

A new feature that allows Clubs to compete in tournaments to win prizes, show off their talent on the pitch and challenge to be the last team standing.


– 3D Shooting & Goalkeeping Experience!

Immerse yourself in the action with a new 3D dynamic shooting and goalkeeping experience. Curl shots into the top corner or go for pure power!


– Matchday Improvements!

  • You cannot score inside the penalty area.
  • All shots must be outside the box.
  • Only one ability per player.
  • Instant goal replays.
  • At the start of the match the ball randomly enters the Arena.
  • Challenges resolved quicker.
  • Ball can bounce free after a challenge.
  • Add curl to shooting and passing.
  • Keeper can do swipe passes: through balls.
  • Keeper starts with the ball after a goal has been scored.

– Four New Cards!

  • New Good Card: Bobby – a Forward.
  • New Superb Card: The Bull – a Keeper.
  • New Superb Card: Titan – a Defender.
  • New Superb Card: O Gato – a Keeper.


– Change in Player Levels!

  • Flying Pharaoh: Good –> Superb
  • Kannonball: Superb –> Elite
  • Danish Dynamo: Good –> Superb
  • Cat: Elite –> Superb
  • Petr the Great: Superb –> Good
  • El Jefecito: Superb –> Good
  • Ibracadabra: Superb –> Good


– Four New Cards!

We have shuffled the Player Cards to give a better spread of Special Abilities throughout the Arenas.


– Legacy Cards!

  • Pitbull and El Condor are to become Legacy cards.
  • Legacy cards will be discontinued after 30 days.


– 3 New Abilities!

  • Super Reflexes: goalkeeper can cover all areas of the goal.
  • Through Ball: swipe passes are more accurate.
  • Movement: when you drag a player off the ball they will.
  • Receive speed boost.


– Friends!

  • A function to Add/Remove Friends.
  • You can now Challenge your friends who aren’t in your League to a friendly.